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Become a

Bilingual Healthcare Professional

Medical Spanish for Heritage Speakers

Put your Spanish language skills to work.

Our immersive online sessions train you in just 5 weeks.


Vista College is committed to the safety of our students. All continuing education courses follow CDC guidelines, social distancing, and enhanced cleaning procedures.

Get the Confidence to Compete

In medical offices, the ability to speak Spanish can make you an indispensable asset, able to provide better care and assist staff with Spanish-speaking patients.


But if you're like many Spanish-speaking healthcare professionals, you aren't quite fluent when it comes to medical communication.

Close that gap in just 5 weeks.

Practical Sessions

Each session is filled with practical exercises, not academic work. We focus on speaking naturally and dealing with common workplace challenges.


You'll have the opportunity to specialize in your own area of medicine. Whether you are a nurse, medical assistant, receptionist, or virtually any other role, you will train in the particular terminology and situations you'll encounter.

Short Course

The online course is only five weeks long. It's easy to fit into your studies or work schedule. Each week contains 18 hours of immersive practice.

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